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  • Donated funds to the Saxon Pantry which provides needy students with food to take home after school

  • Donated funds to the Student Office for the Free and Reduced Meal program that subsidizes lunches for students who can’t afford them

  • Purchased T-shirts for the American Sign Language Club for student members who could not afford them

  • Purchased caps and gowns for the counseling office, so that they can loan them out each year to students who can’t afford to pay for them

  • Purchased an inflatable movie screen for the Washington Drug Free Youth club so that they can show movies on the lawn in the spring for students, free of charge

  • Funded a dinner for Cyber Patriot club members during their trip to the State Competition

  • Funded the purchase of warm-ups for the Girls Softball team

  • Funded t-shirts for participants in the Saxon Classic Baseball Special Needs Game

  • Funded a scholarship for student who could not afford to pay for Girl’s Summer Basketball

  • Funded scholarships for students who could not afford to pay for Boy’s Summer Basketball

  • Purchased basketball shoes for players who could not afford them

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